Back to Europe for World Championships in 2023


European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen has called for the 2023 IAAF World Championships to be brought back to Europe after the next two editions.

“I am convinced that we have to be in Europe in 2023 for the IAAF World Championships,” said President Hansen at the European Athletics Council meeting on Wednesday.

Following on from the Championships in London, Mr Hansen is convinced that Europe should host the 2023 edition too, he added.

“As shown by the spectacular success of the recent World Championships in London, Europe is the centre of the athletics world and our athletes and fans deserve the stage the we can provide in any number of cities in 2023.”

The 2019 version will be held in Doha and that will be followed by the Championships going to Eugene in America in 2021.

“The IAAF must follow these two editions by ensuring 2023 is awarded to a city in Europe, especially taking into account it has now switched to a more targeted approach to event allocation instead of official bidding.

“Everyone in our European Athletics family understands how important it is for our global showpiece event to be hosted on our continent at regular intervals. This not only provides the ideal stage for excellent performances from the world’s top athletes but also has a positive impact on television audiences and commercial income.

“We need to keep developing the sport here in Europe and everyone agrees the World Championships is the best tool for doing so,” said Hansen.


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